2016 Donors

Thank you to all of our Donors in FY 2016, your support has made all the difference in what we are able to do for our community.


The Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes


Abeel Bovee Community Foundation
Corning Incorporated Global Diversity and Inclusion
Charlie Craig
Elm Chevrolet
Elmira-Corning Regional Airport
Karen Epstein
James Flaws and Marcia Weber
Harter Secrest & Emery LLP
Hilliard Foundation
Jamie and Maisie Houghton
Sean Lukasik
Meleny Peacock
The Steve Kettelle Team at Keller Williams Realty
Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce
Ristina Wigg


J.C. and Joan Argetsinger
Chemung Canal Trust Company
Corning Credit Union
Kim Frock and Wendell Weeks
Hilliard Corporation
Rob McKinnon
Joy Perry
Dick and Judy Sphon


Edger Enterprises
James Galbraith
Tom and Patti Hinman
Howell Liberatore & Associates
Brad Turner & Beth Hylen
Hank and Bev Jonas
Leslie Mauro
Robert Cole and Marie McKee
Kaye Newbury and Nick Borrelli
Pure Design
Three Rivers Developement


Tedd and Carol Arnold
Jim and Mary Bacalles
Elijah and Gail Baity
Jack and Sue Benjamin
Rick and Karen Biesanz
Bill and Sue Boland
Matt and Anne Brand
Douglas and Susan Cotton
Lynn and Ted Dates
Beth Bentley and Edward Dougherty
David Dowler
A. James and Gail Felli
Sandra Fucigna
Kate Gerwig
Mitchell Goldwater
Edward Grandt
Marc Hample
Amory Houghton, Jr.
Denny Smith and Diane Janowski
Hank and Bev Jonas
Kamala Keeley
D. Sprague & Sons Inc.
Carol Landon-Ayers
Laurie Liberatore
Ginnie Lupi
Merrill and Lydia Lynn
Ted and Mary Ann Marks
Karen Martin
Rhonda Morton
Debra Moss
Damien and Catherine Mustico
G C Myers
Barry and Ann Nicholson
Christy and Mike Pambianchi
Stan Panosian
Rick Pirozzolo
Louise Richardson
Kay and Mark Rogus
Kristin A. Swain
Three Rivers Development Foundation
Julie and Thomas Thurber
Betty Vinti
Watson Homestead Conference and Retreat Center
X-Gen Pharmaceuticals


Mary Sgarlata Adamus
Lee and Anita Adelsberg
Karen Alpha
Selar Ayers
Ruth Bruning
Marvin Bunch
Edward and Louise Bush
Louise Bush
Don Creath
Patricia Dann
Lynn and Ted Dates
Barbara L. Dick
Patricia Ellison
Sara Gaughan
Michele Gordon
Frank and Linda Gudas
Virginia Gunnison
David Hertel
Rose Hogan
Patricia Jackson
Nellie Jennings
Cheri Johnston
Cheryl Jordan
Jan Kather
Michael Kenna
Betsy Kent
Cynthia Klingensmith
Fred Lawrenson
Sharon and Scott Moore
Tom and Margaret Morse
John and Susan Peck
Felicia Poes
Ray Jewelers
Megan Roberts
Daniel Roemmelt
Vicie Rolling
Patrick Saxe
Jay Schissell and Jeri Wall
Andrew Seubert
Hal Sisson
Ed Steinhilper
John and Becky Stranges
Harriet and Gil Sweet
Ron and Velma Walters
Jacqueline Welles
Annie Werner
Joy Williams
Diane Woodhouse
Kogo and Michiko Yamaguchi