Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report

July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015


Welcome to our Annual Report for FY 2015. Below is just a snapshot of what the region’s arts council is able to accomplish in only 365 days. This report covers our Financials, Grants, Programs, Folk Arts, and Services, while highlighting the exciting changes in our staff this year.
As the cultural advocate for the Southern Finger Lakes region, The ARTS Council works to enhance quality-of-life in our communities through the direct and indirect support of the arts.
We serve Chemung, Schuyler, Tioga and Steuben counties with:
•Grants to artists, and arts and cultural organizations
•Folk arts documentation and presentations
•Services to artists members and cultural partners
•Community programming and advocacy

The ARTS Council’s finances are stable going into FY 2016 thanks to steady support from the New York State Council on the Arts, the Corning Incorporated Foundation, the Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes, and our generous donors and supporters.





Thank you to all of our Individual Donors in FY 2015, your support has made all the difference in what we are able to do for our community.

Anita Adelsberg
Lee Adelsberg
Vani Akula
Karen Alpha
J.C. and Joan Argetsinger
Tedd and Carol Arnold
Jim and Mary Bacalles
Elijah and Gail Baity
Vishoka Balasubramanian
Jack and Sue Benjamin
Beth Bentley and Edward Dougherty
Rick and Karen Biesanz
Kimber Billow and Charles Griffeth
Jill Blagg
Bill and Sue Boland
Kaye Newbury and Nick Borrelli
Ruth Bruning
Matthew  Burroughs
Edward and Louise Bush
Fell Cadwallader and Blair Jennings
Alan Cameros
Gary and Bonnie Chollet
David Clark
Douglas and Susan Cotton
Charlie Craig
Don Creath
Tess Danaher
Patricia Dann
Lynn and Ted Dates
Natalie Denton
Barbara L. Dick
David Dowler
Timothy and Mary Jane Eckel
Eric and Angie Elder
Patricia Ellison
Karen Epstein
Ron Faris
A. James and Gail Felli
James Flaws and Marcia Weber
Enolia Foti
Sandra Fucigna and Peter McGrath
Robert Garrett
Kate Gerwig
Tina Goff
Mitchell Goldwater
Edward Grandt
Kirk and Penny Gregg
Linda Gudas
Gretchen Halpert
Marc Hample
James C. Hayes
David Hertel
Tom and Patti Hinman
Roberta Hoffman
Jamie and Maisie Houghton
Brad Turner & Beth Hylen
Robert Ivers
Patricia Jackson
Denny Smith and Diane Janowski
Nellie Jennings
Cheri Johnston
Linda Jolly
Hank Jonas
Cheryl Jordan


Kamala Keeley
Betsy Kent
Fred Lawrenson
Les and Jill Lewis
Laurie Liberatore
Lorna Llewellyn
Barbara Lord
Dick and Rosella Lupi
Ginnie Lupi
Merrill and Lydia Lynn
Ted Marks
Karen Martin
Leslie Mauro
Robert Cole and Marie McKee
Rob McKinnon
Tom and Margaret Morse
Debra Moss
Damien and Catherine Mustico
Gary Myers and Cheri Atkinson
Barry and Ann Nicholson
Gail Norwood
Chuck and Mary Jane Paternoster
Meleny Peacock
John and Susan Peck
Joy Perry
Gina Pfleegor
Felicia Poes
Jackie and Dick Pope
Megan Roberts
Daniel Roemmelt
Kay and Mark Rogus
Valorie Rohver
Patrick Saxe
Jay Schissell and Jeri Wall
Bonnifer Smith Schweizer
Andrew Seubert
Mary Sgarlata Adamus
John Sirianni
Hal Sisson
Dick and Judy Sphon
Alison Squiers
Ed Steinhilper
John and Becky Stranges
Connie and Louise Sullivan-Blum
Kristin A. Swain
Harriet and Gil Sweet
Noel Sylvester
Audrey Szychulski
Julie Thurber
John Ulrich and Lynn Pifer
Janet M. Van Brunt
Maryann and Ron Van Scoter
Betty Vinti
Lou Vogel
Peter and Cathy Volanakis
John B. Wahlig
Tom Weidemann
Jacqueline Welles
Annie Werner
Lucretia West
Ristina Wigg
Warren Winner
Wynn Yarrow
Kogo and Michiko Yamaguchi

The ARTS Council’s signature fundraiser, Recycled Runway, continues to grow every year. FY 2015 was our first at the Corning Museum of Glass, and it was an undeniable success!


Thank you to all our Supporters, Designers, Models, and Volunteers!

The ARTS Council believes in advocacy and in collaboration. We work on projects that promote the arts in our region, often working with partners to enhance quality of life. These were our Regional Projects in FY 2015:






In FY 2015, The ARTS Council awarded more than $130,000 in funds from both the New York State Council on the Arts and the Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes.




The ARTS Council’s programming spans all ages and skill levels, encouraging both community involvement and personal growth.





The ARTS Council’s Folk Arts program features traditional arts throughout our service area


In Development: 
Our new Folk Arts Coordinator, Maria Kennedy, joined us in January, and took over the 2015 collaboration with the Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes for Black Voices of Corning.




The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes works with both individual artists and arts and cultural organizations throughout the region. We provide many services with the goal of fostering individual and community arts growth. Our members access services  including career and technical assistance, gallery space, and event and show promotion.

Thank you to our FY2015 Artist Members and Cultural Partners:

Artist Members

Dennis S. Abbey
Laura Acuto
Christine Adams
Anita Adelsberg
Lee Adelsberg
Szruti Akula
Vani Akula
Stephen Allen
Karen Alpha
Gigi Alvare
Mavin Staub Ambrose
Charles Baldwin
Robert Barnum
Stuart Bauer
Marie E. Blackwell
Bill Boland
Bridget Bossart van Otterloo
Jeff Boyer
Renata Brenner
j. m. brown
Tetyana Buchholz
Matthew Burroughs
Paula Bush
Ann Cady
Kev Card
Sunhwa Choi
Sandi Cirillo
David Clark
Kenneth Cobb
Susan Comstock
Kenneth Corey
Leah Corey
Michael Czarnecki
Yolanda Daliz
Tess Danaher
Lynn Dates
James Davis
Ross A. Delano
Jeanine DeMarco
Amy Dewing
Barbara L. Dick
Nancy Dickinson
James Dickinson
Brian Doty
Brian Doty
Deb Dudick
Cynthia Duprey
Steve Duprey
Lauren Elder
Becky Enders
Martin Ennulat
Jennifer Fais
Ron Faris
Rebecca Finch
Linda Finch
Enolia Foti
Beth Freiji
Dan Gallagher
JoAnne Gargano
Robert A Garrett
Sara Gaughan
Mary Gill-Scott
Jose Gomez
Luis Gonzalez
Gretchen Kai Halpert
Caleb Harrington
James C. Hayes
Jessica W. Heath
Brian Hewitt
Lucy Heyerman
Benjamin Higgins
David Higgins
Joyce Hodge
Akua Lezli Hope
Martha Horton
Marshall Hyde
Beth Hylen
Bob Ievers
Robert Ivers
Filomena Jack
Patricia A. Jackson
Diane Janowski
Carl Johengen
Cheryl Johnston
Cheryl Jordan
Ileen Kaplan
Aaron Kather
Jan Kather
Brittany Kenney
Cynthia Klingensmith


Susannah E. Knapp
Rosalie Krajci
Jennifer Kulcavage
Karen Lang
Chrissy Lapham
Fred Lawrenson
Kim Binaghi Lee
Bradford Leiby
Jill Lewis
Les Lewis
Rebecca Lewis
Jerry Lindsay
Janet Longwell
Barbara Lord
ShuHua Lu
Ginnie Lupi
Neil Lyon
Martha Manikas-Foster
James McCarthy
Paul McKinley
George Mepharidze
Joyce Merletti
Rhonda Morton
Debra Moss
Terry Nardone
Eliud Nieves
Merideth Nieves
Gail Norwood
Terry Paul Oakden
Dixie O’Connor
Erin O’Leary-Brown
Kelly Ormsby
Sheila Keefe Ortiz
Barbie Parsons
Constance E. Pennisi
Gina Pfleegor
Cheryl A. Podsiki
Felicia Poes
Christine Probst
Rodney Reynolds
Kyle Reynolds
Valorie Rohver
Marc Rubin
Amy Ruza
Felicia Salamendra-Dvornicky
Robert P. Santandrea
Jacqueline Satterlee
Patrick Saxe
Joyce S. Schwartz
Bonnie Scott
Andrew Seubert
Mary Sgarlata Adamus
Hari Sharma
Hal Sisson
JoAnn Smith
Allen C. Smith
Roslin Smith
Alison Squiers
Ed Steinhilper
Ivy Stevens-Gupta
Louise Sullivan-Blum
Emily Swan
Noel Sylvester
Al Talking Hands
Robert Tarlach
Julie Thurber
Deborah Thweatt
Marcia Tinker
David Tremaine
Tom Tunnicliff
William Underwood
Janet M. Van Brunt
Debb VanDelinder
Susan Lewis Varga
Caroleen Vaughan
Virginia Viveros
Lynne Wagner
John B. Wahlig
Lee Welles
Michelle Wells
Lucretia West
Ristina Wigg
Ross G. Williams
Katherine Williamson
Stephen Williamson
Warren Winner
S. C. Wise
Dale Witkowski
Diane Woodhouse
Mark Woodhouse
Aleta Wynn Yarrow
Catherine Zaffarano
Connie Zehr

Cultural Partners


171 Cedar Arts Center
A. M. Art
Affinity The Gallery LLC
Alfred University Miller Performing Arts Center
Arnot Art Museum
ARTe: Finger Lakes Art Coordination
Arts At Park: The Park Church
The Belfry
Bella Capelli
The Cantata Singers
Catatonk Valley Woodcarvers
Centre Stage Community Theatre
Chemung County Historical Society
Chemung County Library District
Clemens Center
Community Arts Of Elmira
Corning Area Community Concert Band
Corning Museum Of Glass
Corning-Painted Post Civic Music Association
Crystal Chords
Elmira College Theatre
Elmira Downtown Development
Elmira Little Theatre
Endless Mountain Music Festival
Elmira Regional Art Society
Exhibit A
Finger Lakes Boating Museum
Franklin Street Gallery
Friends Of The CCLD
Friends Of Woodlawn Cemetery
George Reed Jazz Scholarship Org.
Glenn H. Curtiss Museum of Local History
Heritage Antiques: Artisans Alley
Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes
Hornell YMCA Music and Arts
Horseheads Historical Society
International Motor Racing Research Center
Keuka Lake Players Inc.
The Kirby Band
Mint Velvet
New Heights Dance Theater
The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes
Photographers Tech and Training Solutions
Rafael Grigorian Ballet Theatre
The Rockwell Museum
Schein-Joseph International Museum Of Ceramic Art
Soulshine Studio
Southeast Steuben County Library
State Of The Art Gallery
Tanglewood Community Nature Center, Inc.
Thursday Morning Musicales
Valley Folk Music
Vitrix Hot Glass Studio
Watson Homestead Conference and Retreat Center
West End Gallery
Zest 4 Art

The Gallery @ The ARTS Council features a variety of two- and three-dimensional media including glass, wood, fiber arts, clay, photography, painting, drawing, literary arts, jewelry, video, music, and more.




This has been a year of incredible change and transition for The ARTS Council Staff. After over 8 years, our Executive Director, Ginnie Lupi, left to begin a new adventure with the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. On August 19, after a national search, we were pleased to name Dr. Connie Sullivan-Blum as the new Executive Director of The ARTS Council. This appointment followed her very successful seven year tenure as our Folk Arts Coordinator. With this change The ARTS Council was excited to welcome Maria Kennedy as our new Folk Arts Coordinator.


Dr. Connie Sullivan-Blum
Executive Director

Laura Charles
Development Assistant

Maria Kennedy
Folk Arts Coordinator

Tamar Samuel-Siegel
Programs & Outreach Manager

Chris Walters
Grants Manager & Gallery Curator

Board of Directors

Board President: Steve Kettelle
Vice President: Leslie Mauro
Secretary: Sean Lukasik
Treasurer: Hedy Hou
Immediate Past President: Kamala Keeley
Vani Akula
Allison DeDominick
Karen Epstein
James Galbraith
David Hertel
Michael Joseph
Christy Nicholas
Lorna Llewellyn
Joy Perry Andy Rochester
Erin McMurrough
Brad Turner