Business of Art 2019-2020

Business of Art: The Art of the Sale, 5-session Workshop

The following weekend-long workshop will be presented by Bettsie Park, owner of 15-steps in Ithaca, NY. Bettsie will be presenting on the art of the sale and the steps you need to take before you’re ready to make the sale. Each workshop will be a combination of lecture, conversation, Q&A, hands-on, and exercises.

Registration is for the whole weekend. Space is limited.

$50 for members

$125 for nonmembers



  • Oct


    The Art of the Sale Day One

    Day One Schedule:


    Art of the Sale Session 1: Get it All Together Before You Start to Sell

    • Take charge of your practice: Set goals and create a plan of action.
    • Create a cohesive body of work to enhance sales.
    • Edit your work to make it more saleable.
    • Know your market.

    12pm-1pm: Lunch Break


    Art of the Sale Selling Skills Part 1


    • 7 best practices to get you ready to sell.
    • Understanding the theoretical steps of the sale.
    • Learn the secrets of body language and how it affects the sale

    3:30pm-3:45 pm: Break


    Art of the Sale Selling Skills Part 2

    • Apply the 7steps of the sale to your own work (hands-on: 12 writing exercises).


    Saturday, October 26, 2019, 9:00 am—6:15 pm

    The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes

  • Oct


    The Art of the Sale Day Two

    Day Two Schedule:


    Art of the Sale Selling Skills Part 3

    • Passive selling tools to help you close the sale – how to utilize signage, artist statement, bio, and elevator speech.
    • Why and how customers shop: set up your booth, studio, or gallery show to maximize sales.
    • Create a website – Yes! It’s that important!
    • Selling through an online venue.

    12pm-1pm: Lunch Break


    Art of the Sale Selling Skills Part 4

    • Interacting with your customer – 8 scenarios.
    • Handling objections.
    • To discount or not to discount, that’s a great question! (Lecture and interactive material).
    • Trouble shooting – how to deal with real-life wrinkles that can affect your sales. Class members will be invited to ask their own “How do I handle…?” questions.

    Sunday, October 27, 2019, 9:00 am—3:15 pm

    The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes

  • Jan


    Staying Savvy: Finances for Artists and Small Businesses with Kelly Lewis

    In this presentation we’ll be discussing a range of topics including, managing your personal finances in the background while running a business (e.g. business formation, business and personal taxes, saving for or spending in retirement, and cash management). We’ll discuss these topics and their applications in your personal lives. Don’t let your business or personal finances falter while trying to manage everything at once.


    About Kelly:

    Kelly is a financial advisor at John G. Ullman and Associates in Corning, NY. She is the creator of the popular finance blog for women, Womansplaining. Kelly holds her Law Degree from the University of DC, a tax and estate planning Master’s Degree from Georgetown University, is a certified financial planner, and will soon hold a certificate in financial therapy.

    Thursday, January 16, 2020, 6:00 pm—8:00 pm

    The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes

  • Feb


    Incubator Works Presentation

    Exact topic is to be determined.

    Incubator Works


    Thursday, February 20, 2020, 6:00 pm—9:00 pm

    The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes

  • May


    Five Steps to Improving Your Artists Marketing Results with Laura Thorne


    Do you feel like as an artist marketing should be somehow easier for you than the average entrepreneur? Feeling frustrated that it isn’t? It might be because you’re focused too narrowly. Good marketing is essential for artists and takes effort in many areas. In this hands-on workshop we’ll cover 5 steps that will lead to better results. Participants will go through two exercises designed to elevate their marketing strategies. One-on-one time with the instructor will be available after the presentation.


    Wednesday, May 06, 2020, 4:00 pm—6:00 pm


  • Apr


    Tips for Safety in the Arts

    CANCELLED due to Coronavirus.

    A collaboration between the Southern Fingers Lakes Arts Preparedness Network and the Business of Art series, this presentation will focus on certain hazards often encountered by those working in the world of arts and crafts ranging from the creators themselves to those who make and supply the base materials essential to bringing about fruition to the project.  From artist pigments to stage props, hazardous materials and potentially dangerous situations can turn a fun and productive endeavor into a harmful and possibly deadly outcome.  Hazards may silently be lurking on colorful paint pallets or in solvent jars, in prop lockers filled with beloved old felt hats and silvered mirrors, sought-after antiques readily available to be recycled and transformed into new art forms, as well as in contemporary materials such as inks, resins and spray foams.

    Being aware of such hazards can be paramount to your own personal health and safety and to those sharing the same work space with you.  General safe handling guidelines will be discussed as appropriate and an extensive Resource List will be provided.  Cheryl encourages an open discussion format throughout her presentations.


    About Cheryl:

    Combining her interest in science and love for art and material culture Cheryl Podsiki returned to school in the late 1990’s at the age of 46 to earn a Bachelor of Art degree from SUNY Empire State College in Rochester, NY in Cultural Studies: Native American History and Ethnology.  She went on to Graduate School at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada where she received a Master of Art Conservation (MAC) degree in 2002.  Semi-retired, Cheryl continues to work on various conservation projects in private practice, specifically focusing on the detection of heavy metals in museum and art collections.  She has provided in-depth presentations about hazardous materials in the arts to various museum and medical professionals, university students, art conservators, artists, and Native American communities in an effort to promote awareness and education about the issues involved, including safe handling guidelines as applicable.

    As an artist, the subject matter of Cheryl’s personal artwork varies but mostly falls into the realm of Magical Realism.  She likes experimenting with various supports using water-based media including gouache, pastels, acrylics, color pencils, ink and watercolor pigments.


    Thursday, April 02, 2020, 6:00 pm—8:00 pm

    The ARTS council of the Southern Finger Lakes

  • Apr


    Introductory Skills in Photoshop and InDesign with Victoria Holton

    POSTPONED Due to Coronavirus

    The goal of this workshop is to give participants an introduction and some basic skills in both Photoshop and InDesign.  Attendees will work on a mock brochure project that can be translated into creating their own promotional materials for their art practice. Some of the skills we will go over include:


    Work Space Orientation

    Opening Files

    Key Commands

    Adjusting Images

    Selection Tools

    Blending Modes


    Saving Projects


    Creating a New Document

    Work Space Orientation

    Placing Images

    Adding and Manipulating Text

    Adding Lines and Shapes

    Checking Spelling

    Saving Projects (Digital and Print)


    Thursday, April 16, 2020, 6:00 pm—9:00 pm

    Tentatively at Corning Community College

We want you to feel confident in purchasing your Business of Art tickets even though the situation with coronavirus is constantly evolving. Therefore, we will issue a full refund for any Business of Art programs that are affected by coronavirus.

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