The Endowment Campaign

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We have launched an endowment campaign to raise and invest $1 million that will create new opportunities for all artists. Endowments are amazing because the original gift is never spent—we will only use a portion of what the investment earns. This means that by giving to The ARTS Council’s endowment campaign today, your gift will be working for the arts community for generations to come!

Help us reach our $1 million goal by making a 3-year pledge. For example, a pledge of $1,500 can be paid over 3 years at $500 a year. The pledge can be scaled to fit any budget. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your options.

Thank you for all you do to support the arts community. Because of you, we will be stronger and more vibrant than ever!

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Connie Sullivan-Blum at or 607.962.1332 x204.


Reasons to Support The ARTS Council

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Donate Today Donate Today


Questions? Please contact Dr. Connie Sullivan-Blum at or 607.962.1332 x204.