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Date(s) - 08/15/2024
12:00 am


POEMS are sought for an anthology exploring the intersection of disability and the speculative. I was awarded a New York State Council on the Arts grant to explore disability poetics and I will spend part of that endowment to publish this anthology this year.

I first thought about disability in the realm of the speculative with John Brunner’s novel, The Whole Man/The Telepathist, Zenna Henderson’s The People Series and Anne McCaffrey’s The Ship Who Sang, all back when I was an able-bodied teenager. Now I am not and seek new sustenance.

I seek “biofuturity” for persons with disabilities via speculative poetry and find real life inspiration provided by AstroAccess whose goal to include disabled people in space exploration, whose disabled zero-g flights were huge news. I seek exploration of “criptopia’—environments that challenge compulsory able-bodiedness standards in contemporary society.”

  • No gore, no vore, no violence, no ableism
  • Maximum: 4 poems
  • Send as separate attachments in doc, docx or pdf file formats
  • File name: title of poem last name of poet
  • include bio 150 words max, in body of email
  • previously published consider, but no more than one among set of poems. Poet must have permission to reprint.
  • No fee to submit. Payment one copy of paperback.
  • To be published as paperback by end of year
  • Deadline August 15, 2024 but may close sooner if book is filled.
  • Send to
  • Notes:
    Speculative poetry, humanity’s primordial literature, the poetry of possibilities includes alternate history, cryptids, monsters, cyberfunk, cyberpunk, dystopia, fairytales, fabulism, fantasy, folklore, futurism, horror, magic, mythology, occult, paranormal, robots, science fiction, shifters, slipstream, solar punk, space opera, superheroes, supernatural, sword and sorcery, sword and soul, steamfunk, steampunk, time-travel, post-apocalyptic, and weird. It takes all poetic forms plus scifaiku.

    “Outer space is not just humanity’s future:
    It’s a call to rethink life on Earth today.

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    Writing Fantasy Lets Me Show the Whole Truth of Disability by Ross Showalter
    In speculative fiction, I can center the disabled experience in a way that feels more real than realism

    Rethinking Disability in Science Fiction and Fantasy
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