Hayden Haynes & Darelyn Spruce

Hayden Haynes
Darelyn Spruce

Master Artist: Hayden Haynes, Seneca – Deer Clan 

Apprentice: Darelyn Spruce, Seneca – Hawk Clan 

County: Cattaraugus

Artistic Area: Folk and Traditional Arts

Project Title: Seneca Bone Carving

Project Summary: Hayden Haynes will teach Darelyn Spruce the Seneca tradition of bone and antler carving. These carvings may take many forms, including rattles, three-dimensional figures, relief-carved medallions, beads, bone combs and more. They incorporate Haudenosaunee iconography and images drawn from Haudenosaunee cosmology and history.

Website: www.haydensantlercreations.com