Current Exhibit

The Evelyn Peeler Peacock Gallery at The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes is proud to present Rite Mendica, a solo show featuring the works of Amelia Fais Harnas Cueva on display from October 24 – November 18 at 79 W Market Street in Corning NY.

Artist Statement

While much of Western medicine is based on optimizing the health of caucasian male bodies, the experiences and grievances expressed by female, non-binary, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, neurodiverse, and disabled persons have been chronically dismissed or sporadically addressed. Having endured decades of poorly explained chronic pain myself (combined with my experience as a medical translator), I have long wanted to treat the shortcomings of medicine through artistic intervention.

Artist Bio

Amelia Fais Harnas Cueva, best known for her red wine stain portraits, is a creative shape-shifter. Where many artists dedicate themselves to mastering only one discipline, she seeks practices that do not yet exist. Digging into pockets between traditional artistic media, turning genres inside-out, connecting seemingly unrelated threads–her work is experimental and inquisitive. Over the breadth of her art, Cueva surveys what it means to live in a human body, revisiting themes on identity, personal narrative, and health.