Megan Walsh

The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes is pleased to announce Megan Walsh’s Lost & Found, a new exhibition at the new First Heritage Federal Credit Union Headquarters at 202 Denison Parkway East, Corning, NY! The exhibit will be on view during regular business hours from September 18, 2020 to January 22, 2021.

Artist Statement

The paintings in this collection are “Lost and Found.” The title refers to the long break I took from oil painting before returning to it the last few years when I have again found the creative energy, time and space to make work. The pieces are abstract landscapes resulting from a fascination with space, science, and theoretical physics.

My inspiration for creating art primarily comes from a passion for the materiality of working with oil. I love its deep, lush quality and how color can take on a saturation unlike anything I have ever been able to accomplish with acrylic paint. To create an illusion of depth, I collage the surface with materials such as tissue, paper, tape and stencils. Scraping and sanding away layers brings history to the piece by adding texture that suggests the element of time. My mark making takes on a feminine quality with curves and loops a recurring motif. Compositions unfold in a highly experimental and intuitive way. My color palette is informed by consumerist tastes and vintage advertising.

Artist Bio

I think about our universe and wonder if it is possible to be content with what we see in front of us when multiple dimensions may exist that we cannot perceive. Intuitively, I push and pull, stumble and bumble, seeking a “eureka” moment when all dimensions fall into place and I can stand back feeling satisfied the layers are balanced.

In addition to the idea of multiple overlapping realities, when painting I explore the hidden unity between large and small or the idea of scale. Could my landscapes suggest the minute topography of a virus many times magnified, or the view from a high-powered telescope focused on distant stellar phenomena? Also, how much of what can’t be seen through scientific apparatus do we take for granted?

Gouging away with an archeological intent, I reveal layers long past to contrast with new levels, and enjoy the interplay between collage and paint. My color palette is dominated by aquamarines, pinks, baby blues and pine greens – a Technicolor pop redolent of 1950’s commercial illustrations. Textures that are sensual, sweet/sour and syrupy are generated by bizarre controlled chaos.

While my ethereal landscapes might be inspired by larger concepts such as macro vs. micro, speculation and misconception, and plurality of dimensions – I hope at the very least there is an organic experience for the viewer. Brimming with undisclosed emotion, and steeped in a strange atmosphere, where behind a simple brushstroke – a whole universe takes shape.


Virtual Gallery

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