Fiddlers Gathering depends on volunteers! Join the Fun!

To Volunteer at Fiddlers Gathering, contact the Folk Arts Coordinator at:

folkarts@earts.org or 607-962-1332 ext 206

Volunteer Job Ability Required Talents / Temperaments that will make you a STAR!
Set-Up, Tear-Down, and Maintenance Able to lift heavy items, reach, and solve logistical problems. Setting up tents, tables, chairs, and other duties as required. Checking trash and recycling.  On-Call Helper! Lifting things makes you feel useful and loved! You help set the stage for musical greatness and leave the vineyard pristine!
Parking Standing and walking.  Wear comfortable shoes and outdoor clothes.  Bring sun and rain gear.  Shelters provided. You like to make order out of chaos and help people fit into the big picture.  You CREATE the big parking picture! You are the gateway to the festival.
Audience Surveys Standing and Walking.  Approaching audience members to ask about their festival experience. You LOVE to talk to people.  You help find out what made the festival amazing, or what we could do better. Closet social scientist or unapologetic social butterfly?  This is your time to shine.
Audiovisual Skill in Photography, Video, or Audio recording You want to document this amazing festival and help the rest of the world see how much they want to be here too.  Photojournalist in the making? Help add to our portfolio and yours.

Time Commitment: 2 Hours minimum.  More if you are enthusiastic!

Reward A meal voucher to use at the food vendor, and a T-Shirt. Our everlasting thanks!

Result: Your Community Folk Arts Festival works like a dream!

Relationship: You want to continue to volunteer for other ARTS Council events, office, and gallery needs?  Contact volunteercoordinator@earts.org/