2018 NYAM Faculty Exhibit

All students benefit from an art program. My role as an art teacher is to nurture each student’s natural creativity and give them opportunities to develop and express that creativity. I believe in educating the whole student (body, mind, and spirit) and in enabling each individual to contribute in a way that is unique and true to themselves. They learn, through creativity, to find their voice. Many learning outcomes in a school setting strive toward finding one correct answer. This develops the necessary ability to think convergently. However, art is unique as a discipline. –Lisa Gillis, Art Teacher at Corning Christian Academy


Participating Faculty

Cynthia Cratsley-HarringtonLaura Charles
Ross DelanoCatherine Jacobs
Allison NewkirkGina Pfleegor
Susan PabodyEileen Rieb
Birgitt Wolf-KingDale Witkowski
Aleta Yarrow



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