Spring Into Creativity: Voting

Madison Blackwell
Book Lamp

Haley Pendell
Best Bud Lamp Ever




Vote for Haley

Chelsea Pendell
Daisy’s Closet

Sullivan Wallner
Pokeman Desk

Hudson Wallner
Lego Table




Vote for Hudson

Ivy Negley
The Nature Table




Vote for Ivy

Katherine Negley
Coffee Table of Happiness

Remy Seymour
Kitty Castrop




Vote for Remy

Ryker Seymour
Coat Rack

Morgan Zwiefel




Vote for Morgan

Juliet Allen
Doll Bed

Jack Allen
Dog Bed

Jillian Allen

Lyla Heal
Bird Bath




Vote for Lyla

Ray Heal
Sounds of Time




Vote for Ray

Ellie Manwaring
Breakfast in Bed

Nolan Manwaring




Vote for Nolan

Quinn Spirawk
Minnie Mouse

Lora Stephens
Jewlery Box




Vote for Lora

Emma Stephens
Flower Chair




Vote for Emma

Lyla Gulnac
Garden Bench

Arianna McGregor
Nature Night Light

Scarlett Truth
The Rain Maker

Sadie Truth
Flash Back Table

Sterling Truth
Play to Learn Chalk and Magnet Board

Jenna LeVesque
Lacy Lamp




Vote for Jenna

Gavin Templar
Game Style




Vote for Gavin

Declan Hogue
Table Dinner Set




Vote for Declan

Lydia Perl
Bear BnB




Vote for Lydia

Natalie Hurd
Kitty Cat Wind Chime

Madilynn Hurd
Fairy Fun House

Kolton Okonsky
American State Tower




Vote for Kolton

Madelynn Lewis
Maddy’s Dollhouse





Vote for Madelynn

Kyle Curran
Bird House




Vote for Kyle

Brentlynn Graham
Little Bed

Sterling Graham

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