Spring Into Creativity 2021 Voting


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Jillian Allen - Rocking Horse








Jillian wanted to make a rocking horse. From the restore she purchased: the horse, Barbie, a wooden sign, handles, moss, and markers.


Juliet Allen - Fish Tank


Juliet wanted to make a fish tank. From the restore she purchased: a candle holder, vase, flower petals, gravel, light, and the table.


Rohan Amin - Spring Wreath








Rohan Amin, age 14, created a wreath welcoming spring titled, April Showers Bring May Flowers. After a year of quarantine it is a reminder that even the most unpleasant of things, bring an abundance of joy. Creating this piece using an umbrella, artificial flowers and some stabilizing materials has allowed him to learn how to plan, problem solved and use simple tools.


Madilynn Hurd - Pet Bed


Madilynn Hurd is 8yrs old, in 3rd grade and she created a dog/cat bed out of an old over the toilet metal shelf. She used towels as a mattress and used a sewing machine to turn a table runner into the mattress cover. She also decorated with the napkin rings on the end of the bed.


Natalie Hurd - Dress-up Center


Here is the submission for Natalie Hurd. She is 7 yrs old and in 1st grade. She had so much fun creating a dress-up center where she could put all her jewelry and headbands. She had help from her fellow Girl Scouts to create a princess collage with storybook pages and mod-podge to decorate the base. She also dissembled several pieces of jewelry to decorate the mirror and add as much sparkle as she could. Lastly she added a flower rack to hold bracelets, hats and rings.


Jachin Main - Shipwreck Diorama


Jachin is in 2nd grade and made a Shipwreck Diorama using: a glass bottle, knitting needles (as tools to model clay inside bottle),string (to suspend ship during modeling process), clay, aluminum wire, paper towel pieces, paint and decals.


Arianna McGregor - Mystic Universe



Kolton Okonsky - Sculpture


For this project Kolton used a fog light lamp, and a heli-ball toy transformed into a flying golden snitch from the movie Harry Potter. This project is a mystical magic maker. The tittle is “Wild Wizardry”


Amelia Parks - Mosaic Snack Tray


Amelia used one of the cabinet doors from her sister Charlie’s project and some broken pottery to make a snack tray. She’d originally intended to use a picture frame, but it wasn’t strong enough to hold the pottery pieces. Each plate or mug was a singular piece, that didn’t have a matching set and most of the pieces she chose had chips or cracks in them. She gave them new life after smashing them. Then she glued, grouted and painted them.


Charlie Parks - Reading Bench


Charlie took a TV stand and turned it into a reading bench. She (with some adult assistance) cut the top off, then attached it to the back of the base. She took off the cabinet doors, then sanded and painted it. She loves rainbow unicorns and reading!


Chelsea Pendell - Cat Bed


I went to the reuse-it center and purchased the following to make a cat bed. A foot stool, 4 spindles, some blue fabric and a dog bowl. I started by ripping off the legs. Then I ripped off the Fabric and foam. Next, I took off the springs. After that I measured and cut a piece of plywood. Then I used a hammer and nails to secure the plywood to the frame. Once I finished that my grandpa helped me cut the spindles and then screw them in place. After I was done with that, I sewed a bag out of fabric and stuffed it with a pillow and some stuffing. Then I put another piece of fabric over it and stapled it to the frame. Then I weaved the hammock and sewed braided fabric onto it. After that my grandpa helped me staple the braided fabric to my project. Then my dad helped me put on the little pole from the springs on. And after that all I had to do was make my catnip ball. I had a lot of fun making this cat bed and I hope that you will vote for me.


Haley Pendell - Cat Bed


The items I bought at the reuse it center were: a nightstand, a pipe, a drawer, a metal feeding bowl, a handle, a plastic feeding bowl, and a pillow. To create this cat bed project, I first cut the drawer. Then, I glued it back together so it was the correct size. Next, I installed the pipe by drilling a hole in the top of the nightstand, and using hose clamps to hold it on. Then, I screwed my metal bowl under the bottom of the pipe, where the pillow would go to create the underneath bed, so that I could drop a treat down the pipe and it would land in the bowl so that the cat in the bed could get the treat. After that, using glue, I added the upper platform to the top of the pipe. Then I painted my project several times (because I kept messing up). Finally, the paint was just how I wanted it. I then installed the cat scratching post by wrapping twine around the pipe in between the upper and lower platform (the lower platform is the top of the nightstand), hot gluing the twine every five times around. I then installed the carpet on the upper platform using hot glue. Once that was finished, I added the hooks to the bottom of the upper platform and attaching catnip balls to them. Then I sewed a napkin to put under another feeding bowl that would sit on the lower platform. Last, I screwed on the handle and set the pillow underneath to create the bed.


Quinn Stamp - Musical Chair


Quinn, age 6, made a Musical Chair using yodeling bacon, a toy microphone, a toy guitar, a toy drum, a metal folding chair, animal print sunglasses, a purple sparky necklace, an adjustable metal arm, and gold spray paint.


Peter Steenberge - Bird Bath


Peter, age 6, made a birdbath using a candelabra as a base, a ceiling light fixture as a bowl, and wine corks as feet. He sealed the holes with coins and hot glue, and then painted it.


Emma Stephens - Mosaic Tree


On her visit to the Corning Restore, Emma chose a few different jigsaw puzzles and a large wall picture in a wooden frame.   She selected pieces from (3) different puzzles to make own framed artwork.  Some of the pieces she painted black for the background and used other pieces as they were to design a mosaic tree. She glued each puzzle piece into place one by one and then re-framed it.  The finished artwork measures approximately 19 x 22 inches.


Lora Stephens - Lamp


Lora used several items (a trivet, candle holder, light, wine cork holder and a set of beaded necklace and earrings) to make a unique lamp.


Hannah Wilson - Baby Doll Set


Hannah, age 8, was inspired to turn a magazine holder, a pillow, some fabric, and a few other goodies into a beautiful set for a baby doll.  She made a cradle that rocks and has a mattress, a pillow, and a blanket.  She also made toys, a lantern, a rug, and a decorative duck.  Hannah put lots of love into her Spring Into Creativity project!