2015 NYAM

2015 faculty exhibit

Our 2015 National Youth Art Month Faculty Exhibit was located at Soul Full Cup Coffeehouse, 81 West Market Strett, Corning, NY.

Faculty Artists (in order of appearance): Mrs. Pabody, Mrs. Youngling, Mrs. Telehany, Mrs. Wolf-King, Mrs. Harrington, Mrs. Witkowski, Mrs. VanDelinder, Mrs. Pfleegor

As I work on my art, students are essentially watching a demonstration on work ethic and problem solving.
Cynthia Cratsley Harrington, Art Teacher, Horseheads High School, Horseheads, NY

I think it is vital for art teachers to be actively involved in creating their own personal art; not only for artistic expression, but also for the more subtle lessons it teaches our students.

As I work on my own art, students are essentially watching a demonstration on work ethic and problem solving. Working on art shows my students that I think art is an important part of life, something I’m willing to dedicate time and effort to. If I work on a piece over several days, they understand that art takes committment, and they see the possibilities of a certain medium grow and develop; they see process, not just finished work.

Working on art is also a great way to connect with students. When I’m occupied with a project, it is easy for students to join me and spend time working and talking. It is a time when they can open up easily and communicate, as we both have our eyes on our work. When I ask for a student’s thoughts on my work, I am letting them know that I value their opinoin and knowledge of art. I think that helps them feel a part of an art community, rather than solely a student.

Many of my students ask what I do with my art, and that opens the doors for discussing art as a marketable product – whether in galleries, craft shows, or on-line sales. I think this opens their eyes to the importance of their own art, and the value of the time they have invested developing their personal art skills.