Stop Motion Superhero Project

Be your own superhero

Before we begin, let’s talk…

                • There is no right or wrong when creating art.
                • You can’t fail.  You learn.
                • Sometimes you happen onto something you didn’t expect. Happy accidents!
                • Art is an exploration.  So have fun. Your version of any art lesson will always be unique to you.
                  That’s okay.  That’s how it should be.


Step 1 – Imagine your Superhero

Imagine yourself as a Superhero.

  • What’s your name?
  • What are your Superhero powers?
  • How do your superpowers work?
  • What would you wear?
  • Do you need any special tools for your superpower to work?

Step 2 – Time to sketch

Now that you’ve imagined yourself as a Superhero, it’s time to sketch what you look like.

Get some paper and pencil and get ready to play.

Think about your outfit:

  • How does it show off your special powers?
  • What colors should it be?
  • Do you need a mask?
  • How would you wear your hair?

Step 3 – Color

Now that you’ve sketched your Superhero it’s time to color!

Use a black marker, pencil or crayon to define your image.

Then color your image!

Step 4 – Cut

Time to cut out your Superhero self


Step 5 – What’s the story?

  • You have drawn your Superhero.
  • You know your special powers.
  • You’ve given yourself a name.

Now it’s time to tell a story about how you used your Superhero powers for good.

Using this template, write a short story about your Superhero.

Draw simple scenes in the boxes.

Write simple dialogue for each scene on the lines.



The ART Hero flies into the scene

She decides this dull alley needs to be brightened up

She creates a sunny day

She begins to add color to the building

When she’s all done, she flies away



Stop!  Let’s learn about stop motion film

This is a fun and easy way to bring your Superhero’s story to life.

Download the free app Stop Motion on your phone or tablet.

Try it out with pennies first.  (See our example here-Media3)

Maybe take a break and watch this stop motion video from Wallace and Gromit

Get to know the app and have some fun

This is a team sport – it helps to have someone hold the camera while you move the item.  Also, smaller movements result in better animation.

Share your videos with us!

Step 6 – Create a Background

  • You have your Superhero
  • You have your storyboard
  • You have gotten to know the Stop Motion App

It’s time to create your story background

Your background can be simple. You can add items, take things away.  Add words in bubbles or if you get fancy you can use the audio option in the app.

NOTE: Use a landscape orientation when you create your background



Sketch in your background







Use crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint and color in your background







Color away






My story needs some dialogue and a sound – ZAP!

If you have other actors in your story, create them just like you did your Superhero





Step 7 – Action!

Gather your Superhero, any additional characters, your backdrop, and dialogue bubbles all together.

Practice how your Superhero will act out the story.

How will they enter the scene?  Where will they stand?

When you are ready you can begin your stop motion film.  Don’t worry if it takes a few tries – just have fun.

We can’t wait to see them! – Please Share

Check out my movie-Media1

Here’s what I learned along the way:

  • My Superhero was too big
  • My background should be horizontal verses vertical
  • Shoot your movie in horizontal (landscape)
  • Take a break if you get flustered


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