Services for Member Organizations

The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes provides a variety of services and supports to arts and cultural organizations throughout the Southern Tier, including:

  • Access to grant programs to support community arts and cultural programming
  • Web linkages
  • Event listings in The ARTS Council’s searchable Arts Calendar
  • Collaboration with The ARTS Council, other organizations and schools
  • Access to program development services
  • Representation to regional tourism, civic and governmental organizations

In addition to the above, organizations that join as Cultural Partners receive the following additional benefits:

  • Event listings in The ARTS Council’s weekly e-newsletter, inspire!
  • Priority display of events on The ARTS Council’s searchable Arts Calendar at and in The ARTS Council’s weekly e-newsletter, inspire!
  • Additional assistance with event marketing
  • Periodic Grants Opportunity Report
  • Participation in an on-line regional planning calendar
  • Notification of arts-related professional development opportunities
  • Mission and vision assistance
  • Board training
  • Guidance on cultural diversity issues in the arts
  • Ability to vote for The ARTS Council’s Board of Directors and officers (non-profit partners only)

The ARTS Council further serves arts/cultural organizations by promoting the arts throughout our region; advocating for arts funding with government at all levels, and distributing that funding into the community; strengthening the arts in our schools; collaborating with local and regional agencies to increase tourism; and more.

Please click here for a list of The ARTS Council’s Cultural Partners.

Cultural Partnership fees are based on an organization’s budget; fees may be waived due to financial hardship. The dues schedule is as follows:

Organizational Budget                 Annual Fee
Under $50,000                                  $60
$50,000 – $249,999                          $120
$250,000 – $499,999                        $200
$500,000 – $749,999                        $250
$750,000 and above                         $300

To join, fill out the secure form below, download our Fillable PDF, or call 607-962-1332 x207 for more information.