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    Akua Lezli Hope

    Poet, writer, papermaker, designer, organizer, dreamer.  Creator who uses sound, words, fiber, glass, metal, and wire to create poems, stories, music, ornaments, wearables, jewelry, adornments and peace whenever.

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    Grace Deming

    hello, nice to meet you! I am an artist and designer from small town northeastern Pennsylvania. As early as I can remember, I have always been creating. I have dabbled in many things but I have always loved storytelling and communicating through illustration and design. I decided to pursue it as a career, graduating with my Associates degree in Fine Art and Design from Corning Community College in 2015. Feeling a little unsure of what to do next, I realized I enjoyed communicating and solving problems visually.  I then decided to transfer into a Bachelor's program at Mansfield University going on to earn my Graphic Design degree in 2017. In recent years I have primarily focused on my digital art illustrations, photography, and painting / drawing traditionally using acrylic and gouache. My sketches, works in progress and newer finished pieces can be seen on my Instagram where I am most active so be sure to follow me! (@deming_grace)


    Painting and Drawing


    Digital Art


    Graphic Design

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    JoAnn Smith

    JoAnn H. Smith, an award winning professional Elmira artist and designer, earned her BA from Elmira College, and her MFA from Pratt Institute. She is known for her large colorful oils, acrylics, watercolors, furniture, floorcloths, and dinnerware, which she actively exhibits in galleries and museums. JoAnn has worked as a freelance designer for World Kitchen, was one of The ARTS Council's Millennium Billboard Artists, and for many years worked as the Mural-Artist-in-Residence for The ARTS Council. Her murals can be seen in many of the schools throughout the area. JoAnns skills as a Cornell Master Gardener come into play in her garden, with designs and color reflecting her artwork. PBS filmed a documentary entitled The Arts of JoAnn H. Smith, which showcased the interior of her home walls, floors, furniture, dinnerware, and artwork all painted in JoAnns colorful and distinctive style. Her work can also be seen on the rounding board shields of the Eldridge Park Carousel and in The Eldridge Park Carousel Coloring Book, which she designed and illustrated. JoAnn received a Freeman Fellowship to study the arts, history, and politics of Asia. Through the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia, she became interested in Kamishibai - Japanese paper-theatre. She has presented the plays to students, and has worked with them to write, to illustrate, and to present their own stories.

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    Pamela Morseman

    I'm a abstract artist that has found a way to bring a one of a kind abstract designs to one of our everyday uses. "The Coffee Mug"...I take the average stoneware and turn it into a chic designer yet casual and sophisticated piece of art that is very sturdy and very versatile....they are truly one of a kind. Nothing can ever be duplicated. Came up with this very unique method under the worse conditons ever a family house and business fire that we lost everything and had no insurance to cover anything. So in dire straights I have become a artist!