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    Akua Lezli Hope

    Poet, writer, papermaker, designer, organizer, dreamer.  Creator who uses sound, words, fiber, glass, metal, and wire to create poems, stories, music, ornaments, wearables, jewelry, adornments and peace whenever.

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    Jessica Rawleigh

    I’m a photographer obsessed with all the authentic details of life. I take photos of everything from babies to business headshots. And I have been teaching photography classes at 171 Cedar Arts Center since early 2017. I specialize in clean, crisp, unconventional headshots and in capturing the genuine emotion and candid moments of events. I tell beautiful stories. It's my thing. I create stunning meaningful images of the split seconds that you will want to look back on and cherish forever. I see a story in every photoshoot. I love them all and I want to capture the essence of what I'm looking at. Human faces fascinate me. The details of hands and body language and the sparkle in someone's eyes are just amazing. Events are always a blast. A session with me is more than just a mug shot or a Christmas card photo. Let me tell your story.




    Digital Art


    Portrait / Event Photography

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    JoAnn Smith

    JoAnn H. Smith, an award winning professional Elmira artist and designer, earned her BA from Elmira College, and her MFA from Pratt Institute. She is known for her large colorful oils, acrylics, watercolors, furniture, floorcloths, and dinnerware, which she actively exhibits in galleries and museums. JoAnn has worked as a freelance designer for World Kitchen, was one of The ARTS Council's Millennium Billboard Artists, and for many years worked as the Mural-Artist-in-Residence for The ARTS Council. Her murals can be seen in many of the schools throughout the area. JoAnns skills as a Cornell Master Gardener come into play in her garden, with designs and color reflecting her artwork. PBS filmed a documentary entitled The Arts of JoAnn H. Smith, which showcased the interior of her home walls, floors, furniture, dinnerware, and artwork all painted in JoAnns colorful and distinctive style. Her work can also be seen on the rounding board shields of the Eldridge Park Carousel and in The Eldridge Park Carousel Coloring Book, which she designed and illustrated. JoAnn received a Freeman Fellowship to study the arts, history, and politics of Asia. Through the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia, she became interested in Kamishibai - Japanese paper-theatre. She has presented the plays to students, and has worked with them to write, to illustrate, and to present their own stories.

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    Katina Bertrand

    Hello, my name is Katina Bertrand! I'm a 20 year old college student who's about to receive an Associate's Degree, and I plan to move on to a Bachelor's Degree in Art. I've always loved drawing and creating stories through my art, but it wasn't until my second year of college that I decided to pursue it as my own career. I spent so much of my life refusing to let myself think about a career in art. It wasn't until I realized that I would never be happy if I pursued a career solely for the stability. I wouldn't be me if I did fight for my own happiness no matter the risk. I'm here to show the world that it's okay to take a chance and make a difference in your life. I hope you will join me in this mission.




    Fine Artist

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    Laura Charles

    My name is Laura Charles and my work is done with both digital and traditional media, starting with paper, pencil and ink, and finishing in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. I am also a huge fan of experimenting in oil paints and charcoal and I regularly  sketch in my sketchbook. I am teaching classes at 171 Cedar Arts Center in Corning, New York and I am always looking for exciting projects in book and game illustration or in concept art! I've known since my first scribbles on my mothers legal pads that my calling was in visual storytelling. I supposed that it was the result of the hours I would spend holed up in my room reading fantasy stories and creating my own adventures with my stuffed animals and pets. Becoming an illustrator was the natural result of my attraction to story, since even when reading my favorite childhood authors, I was never far from my crayons and paper where I would draw favorite scenes of books I read, or those of my own made-up world. In school, I was, of course, and incurable doodler. Now my doodling has earned me my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from The Cleveland Institute of Art and a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Development for 2D Animation from The Academy of Arts University. You can my and view my portfolio, or my Art Blog. If you would like to hire me, or have any questions about my process, check out my Contact page!