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    Paul McKinley


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    Randy Owen

    Randy Owen (b. 1989) enjoys drawing and painting people in a traditionalist manner, emulating the tenets of classical realism. He did not receive formal picture-making training and only pursues this passion of his as a side hobby when time allows. He has been drawing most of his life and really started to focus on portraits in his early teenage years. Randy lives in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania with his wife and daughter.


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    Rebecca Lewis

    Professionally, I take portraits of beautiful women. I also consider myself an artist. I use different mediums but my favorite tool is my camera. I also use my iPhone 6. Inspiration can strike at any moment and most days I am left with the feeling that there simply aren't enough hours in the day. I am excited, this is my first experience participating in such an arena and I look forward to putting my personal work out to the world for viewing, critiquing, and for your enjoyment.

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    Richard Turner

    Teaching Arts has been the most fulfilling job I have ever had, and ever will have. Working with children and seeing how creative they can be, how they can see the world so differently than an adult, is so inspiring to say the least. Watching students succeed in the Arts classroom where they my not succeed elsewhere is rewarding. The, building upon that success and using it in their other classes; that is incredible. Unfortunately too many schools have cut Art from their curriculum, that is how I have ended up teaching Special Ed. Oils, pastels, and acrylics have been my mediums of choice however I do like to experiment with other mediums, seeing where it leads; always learning.

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    Robert A Garrett

    Robert received a BS from Lycoming College and an MS from Elmira College. In 1969 he studied lithography at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, NS, benefiting from a scholarship offered by Corning Glass Works. An art educator for thirty-four years, he began as an elementary art teacher in Farmingdale, NY before moving to a high school art position in Lancaster County, PA, and in 1966 he began his 28 year career at West High School, Painted Post, NY. In 1978-1979 he traveled with his family for a year long sabbatical where he immersed himself in the art community of Taos, NM. After his retirement in 1994 he collaborated with Marge Woodbury to produce a traveling mural for Planned Parenthood and in a total departure from anything he had ever done before, he designed and executed a stained glass window for the First Congregational UCC, Corning. He has designed numerous logos for local organizations, the most recent being the logo used by the Corning Community Food Pantry and created a replica of Corning City�s seal that hangs in City Hall. He has had one man shows at 171 Cedar, and Doris McKenzie�s Gallery, Corning. In 2011 he had a painting accepted in a juried show at Lycoming College. In recent years he has worked in oils and watercolors focusing on landscape subject matter from Ireland and Italy. Currently he is concentrating on watercolor paintings dealing with inspiration from the Wizard of Oz. His goal is to complete portraits of all six of his grandchildren. He is halfway there.

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