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    Sara Gaughan

    Meet Sara, the new franchise owner of Wine & Design Ithaca. Sara is a self taught artist who's passions of painting came back to life after going on a date at Wine & Design in Corning. She was inspired to start painting again and then became an artist for the Elmira, Corning, and Ithaca Studios. Ever since she began working as an artist, she dreamed of owning her own studio. After a year of teaching, she decided to turn that dream into a reality when she bought the Ithaca Studio in August 2015. Sara is also a member of The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes. She aims to bring out the creativity that lies in all people. Please feel free to email her at or call her at 607-742-5496 for more information about Wine & Design.

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    Scott Stewart

    I was a firefighter for twenty three years. I love photography. I am combining the two into a business. My experience and knowledge help me to project images around me into art.






    Portrait / Event Photography

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    Shannah Warwick

    BlckBts, pronounced “black boots” originally started 8 years ago and featured hand dyed silk pieces. I am constantly learning new dye and fabric manipulation techniques to apply and expand my line; I have incorporated nuno felting and hand dyed wool, resulting in one of a kind wearable art. BlckBts has been featured in runway shows, galleries and in select boutiques such as Joan Shepp and Toile.

    Nuno felting is a technique that incorporates wool fibers into the weave of a fabric, allowing me to incorporate texture and sculpture into my work. In nuno felting, the wool fibers are agitated and migrate through the weave then “shocked” and shrunk to become a permanent part of the fabric. This technique allows me to create pieces that are truly ooak, organic in shape, and a distinct wearable work of art. I use high quality materials and fibers that have a wonderful textural feel.

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    Shilo Parker

    Shilo Parker started melting glass more than 14 years ago and has been mesmerized by the material ever since. His passion for flameworking glass beads eventually led him to study glassblowing at the University of Nebraska, in his hometown of Kearney. Parker is currently part of the Museum’s (Corning Museum of Glass) Make Your Own Glass team at The Studio. Continuing his work as an independent artist, Parker sells unique creations throughout the country in various museums, shops and galleries.

    Shilo will be teaching classes at both Corning Museum of Glass along with 171 Cedar Arts Center throughout the year (2016)

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    Steve Duprey

    Steve Duprey is a landscape artist working and living in the beautiful Finger Lakes area. He paints in with acrylics on a canvas and finds hreat joy in creating depth on that canvas. Currently, his work is being shown in a solo exhibition at the Finger Lakes Federal Credit Union in Geneva, NY through me June. He also creates speed paintings that can be seen on YouTube ( Steve has found that landscapes, specifically trees, are his "thing" and, after only a year of the art show circuit, has been dubbed "The Tree Guy". His love that particular form drives most of his work. When not painting, Steve teaches communications at the Finger Lakes Community College and directs the Newark High School theatre program. He's also well known in the Geneva area for his work with the Geneva Theatre Guild.

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    Steve Seaberg

    Artist. Poet. Photographer. Philosopher. I work with color, line, word, and sound to transfer energy to a variety of surfaces, including canvas, board, paper, human eyes and ears, and the inquisitive soul. Most pieces evolve as improvisational conversations. Pencil, brush, pen, camera, or keypad, disrupt the surface and open a play-space for meaning. When a work works, the energy that generated it re-generates in one who witnesses it. A successful work keeps the conversation in play. I seek to cultivate a "jazz sensibility" by transforming trouble into beauty and fostering the conditions to help one another experience the delights of being alive together. For me, art teaches life.

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    Susan Comstock

    Hello! My name is Susan Comstock and clay sculpture is my focus. I am inspired by natural materials which I often use in my work. I am a believer in the philosophy that art helps people heal -as does spending time with the earth. My background includes teaching art and working with at risk youth who, I have observed, become noticeably calmer when handed a lump of clay.. as do I. I am honored toe be a member of this arts community.

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    Susan Sarabasha


    Painting and Drawing




    Commissioned Artwork