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Lee O’Connell is a creative woman of many talents, all of which are driven by her joie du vie.  Curiosity and excellence are essential in all she pursues, whether it is when she is cooking for a dinner party, canoeing, writing her novel, or painting with watercolor.
The elements of watercolor, which some artists shy away from, are what draw Lee to this medium.  The lack of control, the happy accidents that often occur, inspire and infuse Lee’s paintings.  She loves using a palate of vibrant colors (which compliment her vibrant personality) layering them to achieve a glowing translucence.  She is inspired by the light inherent in Maxfield Parrish paintings and strives to achieve a similar affect in her work.

Lee can be found painting, in her home studio in Corning, NY, or with her kindred spirits on Monday mornings, or—during the cold, dark days of winter in Corning, in the Florida Keys.  Her energy is boundless and her positive outlook is contagious.  This country mouse is married to her best friend and biggest supporter, Joe –the city mouse…but when they met online they weren’t going to let this little detail slow them down.


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