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Meet the Artist  – The women behind ” Bluecircle Art2131 Studio ” is based in Painted Post, New York – Zareena is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist and has her own definition of art.

She started experimenting with resin, amongst other materials and her practice has evolved since into a wide variety of mixed media.She loves working with resin, mixed media and acrylics.

Zareena is always finding inspiration everywhere she goes and the ability to turn everything she touches into art….be it food, fashion or art, she wants her art to be alive and shining.Her primary source of inspiration is nature, love, and ‘the evolution of self.’

She has a passion of making crystal infused geode inspired abstract artwork and sculptures for home & office decor.Both her practice, and her understanding of what she is creating is continually evolving.

Feel free to browse the different sections to find her art pieces or contact her for your commission ” Statement Piece “.

For latest updates follow Zareena Zaid on instagram#bluecircleart2131j


Mixed Media, Other, Painting and Drawing, Sculpture


3D/Sculpture, Acrylic Paint, Fine Artist, Mixed Media, Oil Paint, Other, Woodwork


Commissioned Artwork, Other